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T Lazy 7 Ranch

9 Oct

Jenna and Andy got married in the mountains. It was a beautiful September day and it’s like the stars aligned for them on their special day; it snowed two days before and rained the day after. But the sun was shining bright, with cool 68 degree mountain air.

Their wedding was held at the t Lazy 7 Ranch near Aspen. The T Lazy 7 Ranch has been owned and operated by the Deane family since 1938. They hold weddings at their facility, but also have horse riding stables and host snowmobile getaways. You couldn’t tell the facility itself had been through any wear and tear; it was very well maintained, offering an outdoor patio off the main dining and dancing area, as well as a yard complete with lawn games, a pond filled with fish, old farm equipment used for western-themed pictures, all nestled in between two mountain peaks.

T Lazy 7 Ranch

The wedding ceremony was held in a meadow near the top of the property. Behind the makeshift altar was mountains for as far as the eye could see. Much like our trip to Maroon Bells, the only way into the ranch was by bus (or it was designed that way because of the open bar). Buses took us from the hotel, to the ceremony spot, to the facility for dinner, dancing and drinks.

T Lazy 7 Ranch house

Our own wedding aside, it was one of the best weddings I’ve been to. It was a beautiful wedding for a well-deserving couple who have been through a lot together, in one of the most amazing settings I’ve ever been lucky to be a part of. Congrats, Jenna, Andy and little Taylor!



Growing Up

10 Mar

This past weekend – with the weather’s cooperation – I had the opportunity to be reunited with some of my dearest friends from college. One of these good friends, Brad, and his fiance Kira were married on the beautiful shorelines of west Maui’s Kaanapali Beach at the Royal Lahaina Resort on Monday, February 25, 2013. While Pat and I tried everything we could to make it Maui (who wouldn’t WANT to go to Hawaii?!), it wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully, Brad and Kira decided to have a ‘welcome home,’ traditional wedding reception once they returned to the mainland for friends and family who weren’t able to jet across the pacific for their beautiful Maui vows.

Their wedding reception was a perfect mix of Hawaii-meets-Wisconsin. The ballroom was lined with turquoise-blue lights, creating a tropical underwater ambiance; there was fresh fruit adorning the outskirts of the ballroom, with a heavy focus on pineapples; the welcome table donned a beautiful surfboard, while the table centerpieces were beautiful pear-shaped glass jars filled with seashells with a starfish resting on the outside. Meanwhile, cheese and beer were a-plenty, keeping true to their Wisconsin-flair.

The thing I love most about this group of friends is we can pick up right where we left off; there’s no awkward silence or conversation about “what’s new” with each other’s lives. We say a couple quick things about what’s going on with work, the latest with our families and go on as if we just saw each other last weekend. This is true friendship. The smiles grow and there is never a shortage of laughter.

Three musketeers

The three musketeers are now all married. I’m the one wearing the dress.

Madison friends

Madison family – reunited.

I can’t urge this to new graduates enough: keep in touch with your core group of friends from college, even if its one big get together for one weekend per year. Just do it. College is where your closest friendships and professional relationships began to blossom; don’t lose track of people you lived in some of the crappiest conditions with. These people were your family in your home away from home. The memories of the crappy houses get funnier as each year passes, and even though you may not live with or next door to each other anymore, the strong friendships (or for us, our ‘Madison family’ ties) still remain. Even though its been six years since (most of us) we graduated, we still make time for each other’s life events – and the random annual get together. And I wouldn’t miss any of them for the world.

follow friday

8 Mar

This weekend is devoted to celebrating nuptials of two of my dear Madison friends, who were married in Maui last week.

Maui wedding

However, words cannot express how excitedly happy I am to watch Justin Timberlake host AND as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

I saw Kelly Clarkson perform “Catch My Breath” for the first time on The Voice with Cassadee Pope. I am in love with this song and I can’t wait to blast it when the weather is nice enough for me to have my sunroof open, while sing along like nobody’s watching.

From the blog Practical Tips for Productive Living, here’s 20 good habits to start in your 20’s

Someday, when I have a big, beautiful yard, I am building a fire pit 

Happy Friday!

follow friday, wedding dress edition

25 Jan

Today I was thrilled to be joining my beautiful cousin Jenna as she embarked on the ever exciting, yet dreaded, wedding dress shopping. While in Florida for her and her fiance Andy’s annual January trip, she went dressing shopping with a friend and surprising even herself, found THE dress. So while she thinks she already found THE one, she wanted to try on some dresses in Minnesota to further ensure to herself she did find THE dress.

Miss Jenna Sue started her wedding dress shopping escapade at Bella Bridal Boutique in Woodbury; I unfortunately was not able to attend because of work, but had my sister take and send pictures of each dress Jenna tried on. She looked stunning in all of the pictures my sister sent me.

Second stop on the bridal dress train was The Wedding Shoppe on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. I was fortunately able to join for this stop, while my sister had to jet off to work; we traded places and I, in turn, sent her pictures of dresses Jenna tried on here. I (personally) loved everything about The Wedding Shoppe; the attendant was helpful, the experience, the dress selection, the cute little old house the shop was in – everything. And, even though Jenna pretty much had her mind made up on the dress, the attendant encouraged her to get the dress she wanted, without trying to hard sell the dresses she was bringing to try on.

When I went wedding dress shopping, I started my trek online by looking at hundreds of dresses before stepping foot in a store; ironically, I had picked out one dress (which ended up being THE dress) on two different websites. But I regretfully purchased THE dress at David’s Bridal. I would highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a wedding dress to avoid David’s Bridal at ALL costs. I had a horrible experience from the start, but feared that if I looked elsewhere I wouldn’t be able to find that dress again. I foolishly fell victim to their ‘scare’ tactics, purchasing my dress then and there on my first dress shopping experience, losing out on visiting The Wedding Shoppe – or other bridal boutique gems around the Cities. I still love the dress I wore on my wedding day, but would have preferred avoiding the headache of dealing with David’s Bridal.

Pat and I already have four weddings to attend this year – and we can’t wait to celebrate with our friends and family about to start the rest of their lives with the ones they love. Andy and Jenna are having a destination wedding, in beautiful Aspen, Colorado where they got engaged. I am pumped we are invited to attend and can’t wait to see the beautiful fall colors gracing the mountain sides. From their post-engagement pictures, it looks GORGEOUS – and they will have some killer wedding photos. Congrats again Jenna Sue! You’re going to make a beautiful bride.

i wish i were here

29 Aug

Pat and I had the luxury of taking a honeymoon immediately following our wedding. It was the best decision we made in the entire wedding planning process (aside from saying “yes” to his proposal). So much goes into planning a wedding and it is gone before you know it, a week to spend time exclusively with your new spouse is a perfect solution to the equation.

As much as we wanted to go someplace exotic in the Caribbean or some where floating along the equator, we would really rather not be blown to smithereens by a category five hurricane just days after saying “I do.” I guess that’s what we get for having a summer wedding, huh?

The alternative to the exotic hurricane-ridden tropics of the Caribbean? The volcanic islands of Hawaii! Hawaii seemed like a sure bet on weather and island beauty. And let me tell you, Maui did NOT disappoint. We’ve already chosen it as our retirement spot. (Don’t worry, we’ll have a spare bedroom for those who would like to visit).

We didn’t do too much while we were there – it was the perfect mix of exploring and relaxation. My favorite part was leaving the lanai door open from our hotel room at night to hear the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean just feet away. It was so soothing, I fell asleep at about 7:30 nearly every night (no joke). We didn’t do anything too crazy, like helicopter rides over actively steaming volcanoes – or volunteering Pat to sacrifice himself as a dancing pawn during a ceremonial Hawaiian dance before a luau – but that would have been entertaining nonetheless.

Maui hotel view

As I sit here listening to Pat moan about not being able to open presents this year, I’m secretly longing (and complaining to myself) that I’d rather be jet-setting across the globe to bask in the sun on a tiny little island. Someday again soon, someday.

we made it!

27 Aug

Today, August 27, 2012 marks the one year anniversary from the day I had the chance to marry the best guy a girl could ask for. I know it sounds cliche, but our wedding day was perfect. With the exception of a few comical mishaps – best man not having the accompanying pants for his tux, the limo driver going to the wrong reception hall, etc – it was everything we could have hoped for and more.

A few (of nearly 1,000 – compliments of Viveria Photography) favs:

Wedding party Raspberry Island

Dip for kiss

First dance

Wedding reception dancing

Life can be funny sometimes. The past year isn’t exactly how I pictured the first year of our marriage going – it was far from the ‘duckies and bunnies’ you hear about. That being said, if we can get through the curveballs that life has thrown at us in the last year, we can get through anything. I ♥ you to the moon and back, Patrick. Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband!

gertrude is gone

3 Aug

I am pleased to announce that surgery went well. While it has been quite the process to get to where we are this afternoon, I am beyond thankful that Gertrude has been safely removed and surgery was quick (only 20 minutes!) with little recovery time needed. We find out in about two weeks to see what Gertrude was – will Donna’s speculation that Gertrude is Pat’s long-lost twin be true?! We shall see.

As Pat drifts in and out from his from his Vicodin-induced coma – well deserved obviously, I would want to be like that too if part of my hamstring was cut out – I bring you some Friday links.

Best beach cottages around the world

My new favorite website for trendy, fashionable outfit ideas

I’m always on the search for the best Bloody in town (the best that I’ve found so far is at Huberts downtown Minneapolis), but thought it might be cool to try a Bloody Mary bar sometime

Coming up on just our one-year wedding anniversary, I couldn’t help but reminisce wholeheartedly about our wedding day and everything we’ve been through the past year. Our first dance was Brad Paisley’s “Then” – and I’m pretty sure the words in the song hold more true today than ever before!

Enjoy your weekend – and hold your loved ones close!