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Social Media: Creepy or Strategic

7 Dec

I tweet. Not a lot, but I tweet. And my tweets are pretty random covering all things I’m into or enjoy, including online marketing, country music, Wisconsin Badgers (or UW-alum related anything), baseball, my love-hate relationship with the Minnesota Twins, traveling, beaches, my husband’s goofy antics, and my cat’s quirks (soon-to-be puppy, too!).

My husband and I are avid watchers of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights. We were late to the party, so we caught up on the first five seasons in just a couple weeks. For those who aren’t familiar, Sheldon’s character likes a particular song sung to him when he’s not feeling well – and it goes a little something like this: “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.”

Recently, I tweeted a picture of Max (my adorably fat cat) sleeping, along with the latter part of that song. Purina, who I don’t even follow on Twitter (nor do they follow me), responded to my tweet.

While I do feed Max Purina-brand food – and continue to do so – I was taken aback by their response.

Creepy or strategic?

I was bothered at first. Purina doesn’t follow me. A more applicable situation for them to respond with that tweet was if I had said something or asked about pets dreaming. But I didn’t. I simply shared a picture of my cat sleeping and mentioned nothing of the sort about dreaming. Have I wondered if Max dreams while he’s asleep (especially when I see his whiskers twitching)? Sure. But not aloud – or on social media. Creepy.

It was strategic of them in the fact that I AM talking about their response. It got me to notice their brand and I clicked through the link to see what it was about because I was curious. Online marketing is half about your presence, half about the user experience you create and half about relationship building. Yes, RELATIONSHIP building. In order to earn links, clicks, share, mentions, likes, tweets, circles and pins, users have to know about your brand and trust or believe in what you’re selling.

So as an online marketer, I respect the fact they’re trying to make conversation with a potential client. However, develop more of a relationship before inserting random remarks about my cat’s dreams!

End rant.