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Taking a Chance in Cabo

6 Apr

It’s no secret that I like to travel – especially when it involves escaping to a warm, sandy beach when good ol’ Minnesota has been boasting some of the coldest temperatures on record. More than 40 days with temperatures below ZERO, I mean — really? I had somehow convinced myself that traveling to Key LargoĀ in December would suffice for a warm vacation until spring rolled around. That lasted until about January 1. I started looking for beach destination vacations after I somehow managed to lock myself out of the house one morning with poor baby Sophie when the air temperature was -13 degrees.

I am a huge proponent of online reviews. I don’t book a hotel room or a restaurant reservation until I’ve read at least a few reviews online about others’ experiences. Have I met any of these people before? Most likely not, but I am putting my trust in them that they reviewed the establishment honestly and fair. And to this date, I’ve had pretty decent success.

After introducing my husband to all-inclusive resorts last year, he’s basically refused to go to anything but when a beach is involved. He likes that he can go get a mango-tango fruity drink anytime he pleases (and I won’t deny I don’t mind indulging in unlimited chips & guac). I started our vacation search in Mexico – typically cheaper than the Caribbean islands, but it was spring break time…. so, yeah. For the same cost of a trip with 37 layovers to Cancun, we could get a one-stop layover trip to Cabo. Done and done.

Cabo shoreline

Our Cabo view for the week.

My last trip to Cabo was a memorable one – and not for the reasons you’d think. My cousin and I got food poisoning from one of the buffets – and I’ve never looked a turkey the same again. This time around I was determined to find a resort where the threat of food poisoning was minimized (read: waaaay nicer). One resort that caught my eye was the Royal Decameron in San Jose del Cabo; it had recently gone under new ownership and was completely renovated. The resort was significantly smaller than the Hyatt’s of the area, but still donned the same views and was competitively priced.

Cabo beach

San Jose del Cabo beach by morning.

The pictures piqued my interest so I went straight to the reviews section – nothing by 4 and 5 stars. The further in-depth I read though, I learned the Royal Decameron used to be a nudist resort of types – but under new management, changed the way they did business. The only complaint I consistently come up within the reviews was despite changing how they did business, there was still evidence of the previous ownership throughout the resort by way of provocative paintings. Through numerous complaints, current ownership – rather than replace the paintings – hired what had to have been an amateur artist to paint ‘fig’ leaves to cover certain body parts. I found the paintings more humorous than offensive – especially with the added ‘leaves’ (which looked more like Christmas trees). We decided to book the trip and take a chance on a newly renovated, former nudist resort.

Our cab ride from the airport to the resort left us feeling like we had made a mistake. When we told the cab driver where to take us, he chuckled and said, “oh, the swingers resort?” AH, what?! Had new ownership only transformed the former nudist to a now swingers resort? What did we get ourselves into?! We had a sense of relief to find out that it was also a former swingers/nudist resort.

We gambled and won. The online reviews, once again, did not lead me astray. We enjoyed our time at the modestly-clothed, newly renovated resort and would welcome the opportunity to stay the Royal Decameron again.