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Fitting It All In

6 Mar

My husband and I got a puppy over Christmas. She’s a five-month old yellow lab and is the sole reason the Caribou Coffee down the street from us is boasting huge profits for the last three months.

How does society expect you to work full time, attend and participate in industry networking events, maintain a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym (or yoga classes), blog for yourself, play with a puppy enough to exhaust her, have a sit down dinner with your spouse/family (which is a must in our household), entertain an attention-deprived cat, catch up on a favorite TV show, call friends and family to see what’s new, and still get enough sleep to function the next day? Plus, eventually, we’ll add a kid or two into the mix. Yet somehow, we’re still able to fit it all in.

For many business owners, digital marketing is what gets axed from the plan – whether it be because of resources, time or finances. Websites are sub-par and social media profiles are lacking in appearance, engagement (or existence). But your online presence is one that nearly every single one of your customers will see in one way or the other. From someone Googling an address (local search), to searching for contact information (schema updated), shopping online (website), researching (blog), or interacting (social media), your online presence is become vital to adapt and thrive in a modern marketing world.

Digital marketing is an ongoing task, no doubt. However, minor updates here and there can do wonders for your online visibility. For social media profiles, make sure your cover photos, about & contact information are up-to-date, and you link to your website. When you run a promotion, have a sale, launch a new product, receive an accolade or have community exposure, write a quick post. Social media is a free (for now) publicity tool where you can control the messaging about your brand. For your website, check for broken links and regularly update content on your pages to reflect your current business products, services or practices. Always make sure contact information is current so your customer can contact you!

As you evaluate your company and your marketing needs, don’t forget about online. Online and mobile visibility is only going to grow, and with the ability to control your presence, the decision should be easy. Cutting corners shouldn’t be about sacrificing your business’ presence; if you’re strapped for time, small changes here and there should suffice. But don’t forget about it altogether. You’re only hurting yourself in the long run when you’re stuck playing a game of catch up.

If we can somehow find the time to keep an insanely energetic puppy and a self-proclaimed attention-deprived cat entertained thoroughly enough, on top of all of our other daily obligations, your business will thrive when you find time to fit digital marketing in.


Worst Winter Ever

28 Feb

This winter has been the worst ever. But that’s not a secret to anyone in the Midwest, particularly the state of Minnesota. We’ve had above average snowfalls and waaay below average temperatures. Like subzero temperatures for MORE THAN 40 DAYS already – and it’s only February.

I won’t lie. It’s been a struggle. I don’t deal with cold very well as it is. Combine that, with below average temperatures and a puppy with the world’s smallest bladder, I’ve been consistently wearing at least two pairs of pants (if leggings are counted as pants these days) and multiple sweaters to keep warm – and that’s just when I’m indoors! We’ve been doing everything we can to keep warm without cranking up the heat because our electric bills have been through the roof. My solution? Snuggle with furry friends.

Max lap cat

You stay warm, Minneapolis.

Looks can be deceiving.

9 Mar

I have always been told, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I find that to be true of many things: while a new song on the radio may not be your favorite, wait to see it in concert – it is always better when it is performed live; sushi is not just raw fish, it IS delicious (and healthy!); a cashier at the grocery store may be crabby and having a bad day, but a friendly ‘hello, how are you?’ can brighten anyone’s day if you just take the time; a superstar MVP professional athlete can ignore media cameras at a charity tournament AND can be genuinely polite to everyone he talks to, even though he’s not obligated to talk to anyone; and wedding planning really isn’t as stressful as everyone makes it out to be (especially if you’re OCD over-organized like me). One thing that will never appeal to me and will always be considered gross: fruit on salads.

However, looks aren’t always what they’re cracked up or advertised to be. That sushi roll you thought was just crab really is salmon. Or a one-pound kitten at a hippie pet store in Madison that falls asleep in your hand really does have a tinch of Satan in him.

I adopted my beloved Max during my last few months living in Madison – I fell in love with him when he was the only kitten in the pet store to follow me around and begged to be picked up. Within seconds, he had fallen asleep in my hand and I couldn’t set him back down without signing the credit card slip that deemed him mine for the next number of unforeseen years. Nearly four years later, he is still alive and a very ‘healthy’ 14 pounds of (fatty) fur.

While I wouldn’t trade the last four years for anything, it hasn’t been without its trials and tribulations. Aside from moving him to five different homes with me in the last four years, he is NOT a fan of us traveling. Whenever he sees a suitcase, our limbs are in danger. We have to wait until the morning we leave to quickly throw everything into a suitcase, hoping we didn’t forget anything to keep him tame (and our limbs safe). He also has the habit of hiding under tables or behind chairs and surprising of you by ‘dead-legging’ you as you walk by – at all hours of the day/night. His newest fixation is pounding (pawing) on our bedroom door each night, usually been 2-3 AM. While it was somewhat humorous to begin with, we are nearly two months in of his little game. We are unsure of whether he got spooked and wants to sleep in our room, or if he just wants to play, but I feel like we have a four month old child that needs nightly feedings. He may look like an idiot at times when he tries running up the stairs and stumbles because he misses a step, but he sure knows that pounding on the door makes us get out of bed!

As I mentioned before in a previous post, we recently purchased a DSLR camera. I love to take pictures and hope to become a better photographer through experimenting with it. Max has graciously allowed me (or just puts up with it) to practice by taking pictures of him.

Now, imagine that face, but 13 pounds smaller. How could anyone resist such a precious look?

See? Looks CAN be deceiving.