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You Had Me at Hello

22 Dec

We’re proud to announce the arrival of the newest addition to our family. World, please meet little miss Sophie.

Sophie puppy pic

She’s a purebred yellow lab and is nine weeks old. Cuteness overload.

I’ll start by saying this: I’m not a dog person. I never have been. I had two horrible experiences as a child that scarred me, plus I had grown up with a pet cat my entire life. Pat, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. When we met and he found out I had a (fat, cute) cat, he winced. This has been a battle going on for five years – until recently.

Most of our friends have dogs for pets – and they’re great. Encounters with our friends’ dogs made me realize my neighbors growing up just didn’t care to train their dogs. The more Pat talked about how great dogs were, the more I became convinced they’d be a great companion for walks and good addition to our little family. But I vowed if we ever got a dog, it would be the best behaved dog ever because I refused to let a dog we owned cause a child (or adult, for that matter) to be fearful of dogs like I was/am.

Fast forward to December 2014: Pat and I are now the proud pet parents to Sophie. We drove to meet the breeders in Mankato at the Happy Chef (looked like some deal going down in the parking lot!). They were a lovely couple who had been breeding labs and golden retrievers since 1997; they seemed legit. They opened the back of their truck to show us the puppies. It was love at first sight. There she was, our 11-pound ball of fur under a pile of other puppies (Sophie was the only female in a litter of eight!), just waiting for us to take her home.

She was fat and cute and shivering when Pat held her for the first time. She seemed bigger than Max and I wasn’t sure how to hold her, but she cuddled right up into my arms as soon as Pat handed her off to me, nestling her nose in my sleeve. Are you kidding me?!

She slept the entire ride home from Mankato. Once we brought her inside at our home, she immediately took to the bed I bought her and slept peacefully for most of the day. I hope this is an indication of how the next 10-12 years with her will go. HA.


Social Media: Creepy or Strategic

7 Dec

I tweet. Not a lot, but I tweet. And my tweets are pretty random covering all things I’m into or enjoy, including online marketing, country music, Wisconsin Badgers (or UW-alum related anything), baseball, my love-hate relationship with the Minnesota Twins, traveling, beaches, my husband’s goofy antics, and my cat’s quirks (soon-to-be puppy, too!).

My husband and I are avid watchers of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights. We were late to the party, so we caught up on the first five seasons in just a couple weeks. For those who aren’t familiar, Sheldon’s character likes a particular song sung to him when he’s not feeling well – and it goes a little something like this: “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.”

Recently, I tweeted a picture of Max (my adorably fat cat) sleeping, along with the latter part of that song. Purina, who I don’t even follow on Twitter (nor do they follow me), responded to my tweet.

While I do feed Max Purina-brand food – and continue to do so – I was taken aback by their response.

Creepy or strategic?

I was bothered at first. Purina doesn’t follow me. A more applicable situation for them to respond with that tweet was if I had said something or asked about pets dreaming. But I didn’t. I simply shared a picture of my cat sleeping and mentioned nothing of the sort about dreaming. Have I wondered if Max dreams while he’s asleep (especially when I see his whiskers twitching)? Sure. But not aloud – or on social media. Creepy.

It was strategic of them in the fact that I AM talking about their response. It got me to notice their brand and I clicked through the link to see what it was about because I was curious. Online marketing is half about your presence, half about the user experience you create and half about relationship building. Yes, RELATIONSHIP building. In order to earn links, clicks, share, mentions, likes, tweets, circles and pins, users have to know about your brand and trust or believe in what you’re selling.

So as an online marketer, I respect the fact they’re trying to make conversation with a potential client. However, develop more of a relationship before inserting random remarks about my cat’s dreams!

End rant.