The Beautiful People Seats

31 Jan

In November 2011, I was a victim of a layoff. Well, technically it was a “company closing” so they had no choice but to let all of their staff go, so it was a forced-layoff. I had been married to my (wonderfully supportive) husband for just over two months – and it was one of the most difficult phone calls  I’ve had to make to him. I was more upset of the position I was putting him in than I was about my actual layoff. Fortunately, as I blubbered to him on the phone, he put me at ease encouraging me that we would be ok; we’re fighters and we would get through it – together.

I was unemployed for three months before I got the opportunity of a lifetime. In the midst of my hundreds of resumes I sent out, I took a chance applying for a position that I knew I wasn’t qualified for. Jen, Ted, Josh, Chris and John took a chance hiring me with little to no experience in online marketing – and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve learned more in the last year than I did in the two years prior and I finally feel like I found a career with a future. I continue to learn every day and I love the people I work with.

Working at my current place of employment has some awesome perks, including random drawings of tickets for Timberwolves games. While I am not the biggest basketball fan, I do enjoy going to sporting events to people watch if anything (though nothing beats people watching at the State Fair). I was recently selected as one  of the lucky recipients of a pair of tickets to a Timberwolves game…. in ROW TWO.

Ricky Rubio Timberwolves tickets

Not only did we have seats in row two, they were directly behind the visiting team’s bench – and we sat right behind Tim Duncan! He wasn’t playing due to some injury, but he was still there. It was a nationally televised game on ESPN, so I made sure Pat wore some classier clothes than the sweatpants he is used to sporting around.

Who usually sits in these seats? Beautiful people, that’s who. We felt like celebrities or superstars sitting in row two seats. We’re used to sitting in the rafters, squinting to see where the ball is or trying to differentiate between paint on the floor and the team’s new jerseys. We were able to classify ourselves as part of the “beautiful people” crowd, even if it was just for one night.

Beautiful people seats

Though the Timberwolves lost, we had a blast people watching (the older couple in front us, in particular) and taking in what the beautiful people get to see on a regular basis. Thank you for the awesome tickets, John!


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