happy holidays – celebrating with cookies

7 Dec

While most people were out scampering to their nearest gas station to purchase a Powerball ticket for what was set to be a record-breaking amount of money, we were winning the lottery at home…. in COOKIES! I’m usually not a baker – I’d much rather cook because I don’t have to measure and I can throw whatever I want into a pan. It most often turns out to taste pretty good – or at least decent enough to choke down (except for one – I’ve botched one dish so bad, our garbage disposal didn’t even want it).

That said, I’ve learned (the hard way) that baking is a far, far different story. You actually need to MEASURE. And precisely. Very precisely. Eyeballing the amount of flour needed in chocolate chip cookies can severely hamper the height of the cookies when baking. (Confession: I sometimes get distracted when baking because I’m sneaking too much dough – and for that reason, I also don’t bake a lot. While I love me some cookie dough, I’d prefer not to get salmonella)

I have a soft spot for red velvet cake – so much so, it was almost our wedding cake flavor. So when I saw this red velvet cookie recipe on Pinterest, I HAD to try it.  And I have to admit: they taste pretty darn good.

Red velvet cookies


One hint that I’d like to share through my own trials and error if presentation of the cookies matters to you: set aside some white chocolate chips to put on top of the cookies AFTER you take them out of the oven. This way, the white chocolate won’t get burnt or be too browned. While the cookies are no red velvet cake, they are a must-try.

ChristmasAs others frantically ran around for lottery tickets, I’d have to say that I was the one that hit the jackpot with cookies and cuddling by the Christmas tree with my boys.

Happy holidays!



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