27 Oct

Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays. I’m not a fan of scary movies. I’m not big into dressing up in costumes, mostly in part because ladies’ costumes are far to revealing for me and the 87 sweaters I’d wear underneath the costume would ruin its ‘sexy’ appeal. I’m not a fan of haunted houses – or any scary places where creepy people jump out at you, testing the boundaries of personal space. I got so freaked out at a haunted house one time, I was following my friend so closely that I tore the bottom of her pants (I still owe you a new pair of jeans, girl!). I also get queasy looking at blood – another reason why scary movies freak me out. I could hardly make it through the first few scenes of Scream (the original. The best part about Halloween? The over abundance of candy.

Another aspect I enjoy of Halloween is pumpkin carving – however, I only enjoy the finished product, getting there is WAY too much work for my toothpick sized arms. I have zero arm strength, so aside from cleaning the pumpkin ‘goop’ out from the inside of the pumpkin, Pat generally takes over carving the intricate pattern I’ve picked out to don the front of my round gourd (thus subsequently developing his growing hatred for Halloween).

Carving pumpkins

Scooping the goop, trying to avoid finishing carving my pumpkin.

Bat and the moon

My pumpkin masterpiece! Thanks in part largely to Pat, as I lost patience.

This year, while Pat was whisked away to Nashville for the spooky holiday, my sister joined me to hand out candy to the munchkins filling the street searching for the house with the best candy selection. I’ve deemed the our household to have the best candy selection solely because we had over 100 (ONE HUNDRED!) kids trick-or-treating on our doorstep, leaving no candy leftover for me to snack on. Talk about upsetting. Luckily, all Halloween wrapped candy is on clearance at Target post-holiday and will be snatched up quickly as I raid the shelves of what’s left of the good candy.

Happy Halloween!


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