we are the one percent

30 Sep

Earlier this summer, we had a scary incident – involving Max (our gray tabby cat). Some Sunday in July, he was having difficulty breathing and hadn’t moved in over six hours. I calmly – and by calmly, I mean frantically hyperventilating – called the emergency animal hospital to ask what I should do. We rushed him there hoping to find an answer, or a cure for whatever was ailing him.

Nearly seven hours, a few steroid shots, a couple x-rays and several hundred dollars later, the emergency clinic diagnosed Max with asthma. For a cat, you say? Yes, feline asthma. As soon as we got Max home, I immediately googled “feline asthma” to learn everything I could. As it turns out, something as unnoticeable as lotion or air freshener can cause an attack – and only one percent of cats worldwide can get it. ONE PERCENT. Of course our cat would.

Cat Inhaler

Max the Cat

Max had a horrible relapse this weekend – we’re guessing a mix of the unseasonably warm weather and changing of the seasons – and resulted in yet another trip to the vet. We were particularly concerned this time around because he was wheezing and in much more noticeable pain. I did the worst thing I could do before taking him to the vet: I googled his symptoms on Pet WebMD (yes, there is such a thing). ‘Pleural Effusion’ came up as a possible diagnosis, a condition where fluid surrounds your lungs – and the prognosis is not very good. I bawled my little eyes out while Max wheezed.

Call me a crazy cat lady, but Max and I have been through a lot in his four short years on this planet. He is to me as a dog is to a dog owner. I am thankful to the awesome veterinarians at Keller Lake Animal Hospital for fixing Max’s ailments and for calming our minds. Here’s hoping to an incident free few months!


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