follow friday

14 Sep

Pinterest and HGTV are a double-edged swords. They are a godsend for gathering ideas on DIY projects and home decor inspiration. But they’re also the bane of my existence because I want to make our house look just like a model home – except there’s this thing called “finances” – more commonly known as “money,” “Benjamins,” or “dollar dollar bills” –  that can get in the way.

I wonder how she can remodel a house from top to bottom and make it look THAT perfect. I envy her if she gets to do this for a living.

I admire that this couple is trying to make an old house a ‘new’ home while focusing on the challenges of being young, in love, financially-restricted and raising a family. It’s almost like they’re us – minus the whole ‘having babies’ thing.

To tend to my sorrows and consequently feed my addiction to chips and dips, you can’t go wrong with a stellar taco dip – especially when “skinny” is in the title. That means you can have twice as much, right?

Can the Property Brothers help a girl and her husband out?

Property BrothersEnjoy the weekend – the weather is supposed to be PERFECT. I’m off to eat taco dip!



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