follow friday

7 Sep

Given the absurd amount of time at home due to restricting-injuries for me and post-surgery recovery from Pat, I have something to admit: I caved and started a Pinterest account. It is a perfect way to waste away a lazy, rainy Sunday whilst watching my fantasy football team fail miserably.

I think it has the potential to be an extremely useful tool for certain businesses – shopping/retail, restaurants, food bloggers, travel sites, etc. – as long as you PIN THE URL LOCATION of where you can find said outfit, recipe, destination. I hate it when you find a beautiful photo of a lake in Montana or a delectably tasty looking cookie, click on the pin and come to find it leads to an inappropriate site or 404 error. SO frustrating!

Ok, enough of the online marketer in me. These are a few of my favorite pins from this week’s finds:

I have a weakness for chips and salsa – and this pico de gallo recipe looks delicious beyond words. I hope Pat knows ahead of time there will be nothing left for him.

Insanely cute, affordable, trendy fashion ideas -suitable for the workplace via Style Within Reach.

I have high hopes to go to NYC next year for my birthday, so I’m starting to build a list of places to see and things to do.

A tasty, refreshing recipe with a twist on a raspberry-lemonade.

Raspberry lemonade

Happy Friday!


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