winning big

16 Aug
Have you ever noticed and wondered why the majority of huge lottery jackpot winners are older? Rarely do you see someone my age win a $300+ million jackpot. Now, I am by no means an avid lottery ticket purchaser, nor am I any good at gambling (hello slot machines!) – but whenever I see the lottery ticket jackpot inching closer to record breaking amounts in the triple number plus six-zero digits, I’ll take a shot by randomly purchasing a ticket and hoping for the best. The most I’ve ever won is $7, which I immediately turned around to purchase some celebratory Starburst from the fine lineup of candy at the gas station. A girl can dream, right?
But that’s what I usually do when I spring for a lottery ticket – I start dreaming about what I would do with such an unfathomable amount of money. I immediately think “beach” and start searching for dream vacations (which, by the way, a first vacation would be to a beautiful hut over crystal clear waters in Bora Bora).
I also dream of the perfect house we’d build, complete with a massive gourmet kitchen, beautifully huge master suite with ensuite bathroom, a movie theater and, of course, a man cave for Pat – and preferably built on a lake where we can go boating! In addition, I dream about a vacation house somewhere tropical that we’d spend our winters – or at least, I would, while Pat is playing with the hockey boys at the Xcel Energy Center.
And I would love to donate a huge chunk of change to some of my favorite charities like the Humane Society, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and St. Jude.
What would you buy? You can’t tell me you don’t dream about it sometime.
For now though, that is how it will all remain: a dream. Someday randomly buying tickets will pay off. Someday.

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