gertrude is gone

3 Aug

I am pleased to announce that surgery went well. While it has been quite the process to get to where we are this afternoon, I am beyond thankful that Gertrude has been safely removed and surgery was quick (only 20 minutes!) with little recovery time needed. We find out in about two weeks to see what Gertrude was – will Donna’s speculation that Gertrude is Pat’s long-lost twin be true?! We shall see.

As Pat drifts in and out from his from his Vicodin-induced coma – well deserved obviously, I would want to be like that too if part of my hamstring was cut out – I bring you some Friday links.

Best beach cottages around the world

My new favorite website for trendy, fashionable outfit ideas

I’m always on the search for the best Bloody in town (the best that I’ve found so far is at Huberts downtown Minneapolis), but thought it might be cool to try a Bloody Mary bar sometime

Coming up on just our one-year wedding anniversary, I couldn’t help but reminisce wholeheartedly about our wedding day and everything we’ve been through the past year. Our first dance was Brad Paisley’s “Then” – and I’m pretty sure the words in the song hold more true today than ever before!

Enjoy your weekend – and hold your loved ones close!


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