bring it.

30 Jul

Rumor has it that your first year of marriage is the ‘hardest.’ New living situations, new schedules, new dinner menus to accommodate different tastes, different schedules and different weekend plans, etc. Magazines I perused through even talked about “challenging” times like… drum roll please… him leaving his clothes everywhere! (cue the goofy three tones when the plot line thickens)

I can handle the dirty clothes sporadically strewn about (hey, I lived in the same room with my sister for 11 years!). I can handle the different menus and the weekend plans that I might not have otherwise done pre-wedding. But you literally can’t make up the events that have been thrown at Pat and I over the last 11 months. Between the two of us, we lost four grandparents and I was laid off within three months of marriage because of inept business practices, among other ridiculous life events. And the latest of the stressful string of events, has put Pat on the operating table…

He was experiencing some leg pain and after what has been a long, painful, drawn out process including several (some that seemed meaningless) doctor’s appointments, x-rays, and MRI’s later, they told us his leg wasn’t broken – obviously – and that the tennis ball-sized lump on the back of his leg needs to come out. I’m sorry, a tennis-ball sized what? For further reference, I have been fondly referring to the lump as Gertrude; henceforth it will be referred to as just that. In the process of determining what Gertrude exactly is, the MRI showed three cysts intertwined in the muscles and ligaments of Pat’s right knee. While not an immediate threat, they are a concern and have been prescribed a cortisone shot, as well as some physical therapy to (hopefully) work them out.

Gertrude needs to go. She’s annoying and invasive – and quite frankly, getting a little too comfortable for my liking. Friday is the day we take her down.

Surgery to remove Gertrude will be followed by a biopsy to determine what she is – and the level of danger she is causing to my poor love. Keep your fingers, toes, arms, legs and other body apparatuses crossed that Gertrude is benign.

Well Gertrude, game on. If we can go through and handle even half of the events that took place in our first year of marriage, I think we’ve got what it takes to make this work – and for a longtime. We are so ready to take on the next challenge. Bring it.


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