Follow Friday

27 Jul

To keep up to date with the Olympics, be sure to check out the official London 2012 guide. Otherwise you can always stream live on NBC’s Olympics-devoted website.

Rocket Club is a local band filled with talent that has no boundaries – enjoy their summer anthem for those in the North Country (and for those that just like a good rock-out jam):

My current obsession is watching HGTV – and thinking about all of the possibilities we could do to improve and add value to our house, daydreaming about all the possibilities of one day building our dream home, and coming to the realization that we would never want to purchase an old home to remodel. While we both love small home projects, remodeling would better off be saved for those with time, money and sanity.

I love nothing more than a good caprese salad – and it might be a thousand times better when you add pasta to the mix!

Oh, and I suppose I could mention, happy 11 months of wedded bliss to my one and only – my knight in shining armor (said armor may or may not be a pair of over-worn Minnesota Wild shorts – but I love him even more for his ‘simple’ taste). 🙂

Happy Friday!


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