Duluth – a home away from home

26 Jun

Every since I was a little girl – even before I could walk – my parents would take me up to Duluth in the summer (or fall) for a cheeseburger at the Burger King in Canal Park, to go hiking in and around Split Rock Lighthouse, have fun water color painting on rocks by the lake, and s’mores around the campfire at our Stone Gate Cabin (ironically, we always stayed in cabin #7). There were times when my entire extended family would invade five of the eight cabins at Stone Gate for a long weekend away to enjoy the northern air. Duluth was our ‘home away from home’ when we wanted to get away, but only had a few days to do so.

To do this day, Duluth has a special meaning for me – not only because of the wonderful memories of vacations – but also because I have family that lives up there. My husband’s family moved there when he was going into second grade – and have called it home ever since.

When news broke of the horrific flooding that took place over night, I couldn’t help have a wave of sadness come over me – not only knowing of friends and family that were affected, but also because a part of my childhood had washed away.

I had to keep checking on my husband as more and more pictures of the flood damage surfaced on the web (which, let’s be honest, is a matter of minutes these days “thanks to” social media), because he was watching his hometown literally fall apart.

I hope the people of Duluth and surrounding areas a speedy recovery from the devastation of the flooding!


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