Follow Friday, edition #1

15 Jun

My daily work life consists of websites. Lots of websites. And everything that it encompasses. From conducting keyword research to analyzing site structure and layout to search engine optimization to external linking to social media to public relations/promotions – and everything in between. So in the midst of finding, analyzing, and promoting, I come across a TON of different websites – some interesting, some that make me want to pull my hair out, some not so interesting.

After our mini-get together whiteboard session this morning, in the spirit of linking, I suggest you check out a few of these sites:

I regularly check for various Beach Destinations that I would love to travel to, but am looking for a sweet deal to hopefully see a good college friend and his fiance get married in Hawaii next spring. It’s a stretch, but fingers crossed.

Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth is happening this weekend – good luck to all runners!

Unbelievable (and countless!) recipes – most of them from scratch. Check out For the Love of Cooking for an idea for dinner.

Scottish nine-year old gets worldwide recognition for her pictures of school cafeteria food – and millions of people to check out her blog, Never Seconds. I hope I can reach that kind of a number someday.

And now playing on repeat, my favorite song of the moment, Hard to Love by Lee Brice.

For random musings from a talented radio DJ and hockey columnist, follow Patrick Knight on Twitter @patknightK102

Happy Friday!


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