30 by 30 – The List

10 Jun

I am an organizer. I am a list maker. And I am always saying I want to do everything under the sun, but rarely follow through on each thing I talk about (most likely because I forget). I’ve decided to combine my type-A personality tendencies to compile a list of things to do – and have set a goal to complete these before I turn 30!

  1. Sit in one of the first five rows at a concert
  2. See Toby Keith in concert
  3. Remodel our downstairs bathroom
  4. Learn to play at least two full songs the guitar
  5. Perfect making lasagna
  6. Return to Europe
  7. Print all 990+ wedding pictures and organize into albums
  8. Go to New York City
  9. Take Pat to see Derek Jeter play a game at Yankee Stadium before he retires
  10. Pay off student loans
  11. See Garth Brooks in concert
  12. Attend a playoff NHL game
  13. Go to a game at Dodger Stadium
  14. Attempt taking one picture a day for an entire year
  15. Tour the New Glarus Brewery
  16. Go to a Wisconsin bowl game
  17. Run a 5K
  18. Have a full day at a spa
  19.  Have a potted plant ‘garden’ that survives an entire summer
  20. Try making homemade sushi
  21. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series
  22. See a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show
  23. Throw an out-of-this-world party – New Year’s, 4th of July or otherwise
  24. Learn to grill a pizza
  25. Go back to Hawaii, see the USS Arizona
  26. Host a Thanksgiving dinner
  27. Sell our townhouse and buy a house – with preferably at least one acre of land
  28. Try making enchiladas
  29. Visit Key West to see the ‘green flash’
  30. Adopt a puppy

After typing out this list, I realized I have less than three years to do all of this. I better get going! Any ideas or recommendations to help a girl out are encouraged. I will attempt to update as I (hopefully) have the opportunity to cross items off the list!


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