Busy bees.

31 Mar

The past few weeks have been nothing but a whirlwind here at the Brannan household. Pat is busier than ever at work with a new station in town – but on top of that, he is putting in extra time with the Minnesota Wild, honing his journalism skills writing articles, learning what it takes to run a professional franchise in the National Hockey League, and making all sorts of connections with local media and the Wild staff. I couldn’t be more proud of what is working on for himself, both personally and professionally! I some times envy how much fun he gets to have at his job, because let’s be honest, how many of us get to play on the radio or run around the X watching our most favoritest sports team in the world? I do not, however, envy his hours. He can keep those all to himself!!

On top of Pat’s hectic schedule, I am busy getting situated and accustomed to my new position with a local marketing agency – I have been learning a TON and am being exposed to so many wonderful opportunities. I also started volunteering time with the Make a Wish Foundation and am pursuing a membership with a local professional organization. As I write this, I wonder to myself, when will I see Pat?! Poor Max. Home, all alone, with nothing but windows and birds to keep him entertained (I assure you he’ll be fine, so long as one of us is home by 9pm for his ‘treat’).

And on top of ALL of that, we recently returned from a beautiful vacation visiting some good friends in the Cayman Islands. It was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L down there – I still can’t get over the color of the water! I have been to Florida, California and Hawaii, but nothing compares to the shades of turquoise water in the Caribbean.

My poor camera’s batteries were dead by the end of our second day in Cayman, solely because I took so many pictures of JUST the water. Not only was the color amazing, but the clarity of the water was astonishing! We brought some snorkel gear with, in case we got  super adventurous, but standing in waist deep water you could see the fish swim around your legs.

Our awesomely gracious hosts showed us the island’s beauty – from the perfect beach spots for soaking up sun to the best sunset happy hour drink spots to the romantic Italian restaurant (literally) on the beach. I would have to say my favorite though was Rum Point, a secluded beach on the northern part of the island where far less tourists travel to. It was peaceful, relaxing, super chill – and the water was even prettier there than on Seven Mile Beach! For those seeking a little more adventure than the walk from the beach bar to your lounge chair, Red Sail Sports offered jet ski, kayak, and catamaran rentals – you were going to be hard pressed to move me from my lounge chair though.

We did break out our snorkel gear to do some shallow water sightseeing on Seven Mile Beach. It was neat to see the small albino-looking fish swim around your legs or the coral that randomly appeared on the ocean’s floor, but the not-so-neat part was the salt water taste that lingered on your lips, long after your head was above water. Pat and I also splurged to go jet-skiing around the Seven Mile Beach area – and got DRENCHED! It was a windy day, resulting in extremely choppy water (I’m pretty sure I swallowed at least two gallons of salt water) – nevertheless, still extremely fun and I’m glad we went.

The one downfall about staying in the Seven Mile Beach area was the number of cruisers you would run into on a given day. Our first day in Grand Cayman, there were four cruises with port stops, followed the next day by FIVE more ships stopping! On any given day, a cruise ship can add an extra 2,000-3,000 people on an already incredibly small island! The island itself, I found out, was only 22 miles long, with the widest point at any given time being only eight miles – we managed a round-the-island trip in one day. The only bonus about all of the cruisers is most didn’t have a rental car, limiting them to Georgetown and surrounding areas – but that made it take a two-mile drive take close to 20 minutes.

The sunset we saw on our last night was, in my opinion, the best one we saw down in the Caymans. Each night we would fervently look for the ‘green flash’ since we were so close to the equator. We failed miserably, but I attribute that to the clouds that lingered into dusk. We did, however, see the Black Pearl! Or at least that’s what I’m calling it – I won’t deny that I wasn’t secretly hoping Captain Jack Sparrow would randomly appear to have a rum with.

Overall, a fabulously relaxing island to visit. I would recommend it to any cruisers that have a port stop in Georgetown – or for anyone looking for a tropical getaway with a special British, yet Caribbean flair. Yea, mon.


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