Crazy Winter

5 Mar

Winter 2011-2012 is one for the books. It was challenging personally dealing with the loss of three beloved grandparents between Pat and I in a matter of weeks, as well as figuring out new family dynamics. And it was challenging professionally; I lost my job rather abruptly and under very less than desirable consequences, throwing me into unemployment and all of the challenges that go along with it.

By far, the most bizarre part of the winter has been the weather. Reading the farmer’s almanac last fall when preparing snow removal contracts for work, I read that it was going to bring even more snow and colder temperatures than the year prior, which if we all recall, brought us several significant snowfalls. This winter, however, I had the windows open in the middle of January while I painted the ‘flair’ wall in our master bedroom, but less than a week later it was snowing/raining and an unusual frost greeted us on an early February weekend morning. With all the weather craziness though, I was able to capture some fantastic photos with our new camera.

The hoar frost in early February was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Since the temperatures had been so warm, the fog has frozen overnight, producing the hoar frost.

 We have a flag on our front steps that lives in a potted plant – we fly it in honor of and thanking all American troops – past, present and future – including those we’ve lost (this one is for you, Gramps).

 I snuck over to my parent’s house late morning; their yard is filled with trees, thorny bushes and flowers, thanks to my mom’s diligence in keeping thousands of gardens throughout. I was able to capture a few shots before the sun came out and melted whatever was left of the hoar frost.

During the last week of February, the weather terrorists were out in full force, scaring everyone in the state of Minnesota that we were getting the storm of the century (again). I heard forecasts ranging anywhere from 6 inches to 18 inches of snow! But to no surprise, the snowpocalypse turned out to be hardly anything for those of us in the Twin Cities metro area. We got MAYBE four inches of snow. The worst part (driving wise) was the couple inches of rain that fell before the snow – and the further it got into the night, the further the temperatures dropped, freezing the raindrops as they fell onto the street and trees.

 The raindrops were freezing almost instantaneously as they hit the trees by our front door, especially later in the evening.

While there is still some time left before the 2011-2012 winter season officially ends and the weather terrorists can move on to predicting tornadoes, I can confidently say that this winter has been a pleasant surprise with its warm temperatures and unusual precipitation that has accompanied it.


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